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Sponsors sought for Arbor Day seedlings

Carl Sandburg Elementary student examine their white pine seedlings during Arbor Day

We are gearing up to teach Coles County’s third graders all about trees this Arbor Day! Every third grade classroom that we visit will be presented with the history of Arbor Day, a discussion of the importance of trees, and each student will take home their very own white pine seedlings.

“It is amazing seeing the students’ faces light up when they realize they are going to have a tree in their yard that they planted and that they get to be responsible for,” says Terina Coffey, Coles Co. SWCD education coordinator.

Each tree costs about $0.50 and we would like every third grader in Coles County to receive a tree. Due to budgetary constraints, the SWCD is seeking donations to help provide the students with their trees. Will you help us meet our goal of placing a tree in each student’s hand?

There are several levels to this giving opportunity, and we appreciate your support. We will recognize your gift by putting your name or your business’ name and logo at the bottom of the care instructions sheet that each student receives so they and their families will know it was you who invested in them. Here’s an example of the impact of your gift.

  • $15 will purchase trees for one classroom
  • $100 will purchase trees for an entire school
  • $300 will purchase trees for all Coles Co. 3rd graders